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  CB12 Purifier Cartridge


Our Top Selling Purifier Cartridge
Outstanding Water Purification



Removes or Reduces
Chlorine - Chemicals
Bad Taste & Odour
Dirt - Sediment - Rust - Algae
Asbestos - PCB's - THM's
Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts

Only $ 70.00

Including GST and Nationwide Delivery









  CBC Purifier Cartridge



Taste, Odour, and Chemical Removal


New Zealand's Number One selling Water Purifier Cartridge for over 10 years.


The CB12 cartridge is a top quality 'Carbon Block' cartridge. It's also known as the
CBC 10 cartridge.


It is made in America and has been the industry leader for over 15 years.


It is very effective at removing all organic chemicals and is the most effective cartridge on the market for removing THM's.


Carbon block cartridges are the most commonly used cartridge throughout the world, as they provide very effective purification and do not 'channel' the water as granulated cartridges.

Model Code:   CB12
Cartridge Type:   Carbon Block
Micron Rating:   Half a micron  (0.5ยต)
Rated Chlorine Capacity:  70,000 litres
THM Removal:   Approx 4500 - 5000 litres
Hygiene Life:   12 to 18 months
Removes or Reduces:   Chlorine, chemicals, PCBs from plastic pipes, dirt, sediment, rust, algae, asbestos, as well as Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts. The most effective cartridge at removing THM's.

Fits:  CB12 Bench Top and Under Bench Water Purifiers.
        CBC10 Bench Top and Under Bench Water Purifiers.
        CB12 In-Line Water Purifiers


Compatible With:  All Bench Top and Under Bench Water Purifiers that are designed to take the Industry Standard 10 inch (25 cm) Filter and Purifier Cartridges.

CB12 Purifier Cartridge

Free DeliveryPrice:
$ 70.00
Including GST and Nationwide Delivery



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We install and maintain Water Purification Systems throughout Wellington,
Kapiti and Horowhenua.


We can also arrange installation in most other areas if required.

We deliver our products anywhere in New Zealand via Courier.


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