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Fluoride Removal



StarStandard Water Purifiers will not remove Fluoride
StarFor Fluoride removal...  Use one of the following options




Reverse Osmosis


Reverse Osmosis provides superior quality water & works on a principal of passing
water over a semi-permeable membrane. The water passes through the membrane
while all chemicals and contaminants are washed down the sink.


The water produced by these systems is near pure and similar to distilled water in
content. The membrane is used in conjunction with both pre-filters and post Activated
Carbon filters.


Reverse Osmosis SystemThey are normally installed as an undersink system as the delivery of pure water is very slow.


They use a water storage tank to store the purified water ready for use. The storage tank is pressurised to provide water on tap through a separate faucet, the same as a normal Under Bench Filter system.


A little extra room is required under the sink for these systems.







Twin Sump Bench TopTwin Sump Systems


Using standard filter housings, we install two purifier


The first uses a material called Actival, a fluoride specific
media for the sole purpose of removing the fluoride.


The second housing contains a KDF10 cartridge with Activated Carbon to remove all chemicals and bad taste and odour from the water supply.


Fluoride is removed for around 2500 litres.








Water Distiller


A Water Distiller will remove all chemicals, metals and minerals
from the water supply.


They work by boiling the water & collecting the steam which is
then condensated back to water, leaving the minerals, metals
and chemicals in the boiling chamber.


The Main Advantages of our Distillers are:

All Stainless Steel construction for better quality distilled water.

They're small, strong, and durable.

They're comparatively inexpensive to operate... around 60 cents per 4 litres at current electricity prices.

They have an Activated Carbon Filter Layer that removes any residual chemicals and improves the taste.

Each drop of water produced is pure.

Many people use our Distillers and are very happy with their performance.

We can supply a range of Distillers but we recommend the Megahome brand.

We have stocked this Distiller since 1999 and have found the design to be simple and very reliable.







Other options available but NOT recommended by our company are:
( See notes below )




Filterpure AFAC-10 Cartridge


Using a standard filter housing, you can use the Filterpure AFAC-10 cartridge.


This is a combination of Granulated Activated Carbon to remove chlorine and
organic chemicals and also 'Actival'.


This cartridge is capable of removing Fluoride from around 2000 litres.
It is not effective in removing heavy metals or Giardia.









Actival , the media used to remove Fluoride from water in some Purifiers, is Aluminium
Oxide which has been specially treated to adsorb ( or bond to chemically ) Fluoride
molecules. Typical reduction of Fluoride in NZ municipal supplies is greater than 98%.


Tests have shown NO leaching of aluminium from the cartridges, but if you wish to play
safe, either Reverse Osmosis, a Twin Sump System, or a Distiller will ensure no aluminium
enters your water supply.


The Actival is the LAST STAGE of the Filterpure and Microline cartridges, so any leached
or loose media expelled by the cartridge could be consumed.


For more detailed information on any of the above options... please Contact Us.

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