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  Merlin Reverse Osmosis System


The Ultimate Reverse
Osmosis System


This high production unit provides
1.7 litres per minute of pure water
as required with NO storage tank.


That's 50 times the output of
standard Reverse Osmosis systems!

Only $ 1780.00

Including GST and Nationwide Delivery









Merlin Reverse Osmosis System



4 Stage design for the best quality water.
Carbon pre-filter to remove sediment and chlorine.
Two Reverse Osmosis membrane elements for water separation.
Carbon post filter for great taste.
High-durability Noryl and polypropylene plastic construction.

50 times the output of typical home RO products, providing commercial water
production at the price of a residential system.


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Tough Stuff
High -durability Noryl and polypropylene plastic construction provide years of dependable service.


All The Right Connections
Engineered to have less then half the number of connection points - less chance of leaks.


No Tanks
No worries about contamination or loss of tank pressure.


Never Runs Dry
Continuous permeate water flows at 1.89 litres per minute.


At Your Service
Your choice of Designer tap for quick and easy water dispensing.


Fits In Nicely
Stand-alone compact profile takes up less space than other bulky systems.

This system has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 58 for reduction of:

Arsenic - Barium - Cadmium - Chromium - Copper - Fluoride - Lead - Nitrate
Nitrite - Radium 226 / 228 - Selenium - TDS

• Great tasting, clear drinking water - it's better!
• Removal of Fluoride from your town water supply.
• Remove impurities as small as 1000th the width of a human hair.
• Better flavour and clarity in tea, coffee, juice.
• Fruit, vegetables and other foods rinse clean.
• Hard clear ice cubes.
• Better water for making baby formula.
• Spot-free rinse water for china and crystal.
• Significantly less expensive - and purer - than most bottled water.
• No bottles to carry - or throw away.


Make your choice from the above taps. Other models are available on request

DIY Kit  $ 1780.00  
Installed $ 1780.00 Plus Installation costs

DIY Price includes delivery - Installation not included
Installed price is that of Wellington Water Filters and Kapiti Pure Water
We can recommend an installer in your local region, but installation prices listed on this website will not apply
Prices include GST

Merlin Reverse Osmosis System - DIY Kit

$ 1780.00  
GST & Delivery Inclusive  -  Installation Not Included

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We install and maintain Water Purification Systems throughout Wellington,
Kapiti and Horowhenua.


We can also arrange installation in most other areas if required.

We deliver our products anywhere in New Zealand via Courier.


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