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  Whole House Filtration - UV Option 3


UV Sterilization With Three Filters

UV treatment where colour from
pollens and other organic matter
is an issue

Includes carbon filtration to improve
colour and taste problems due to
'organics' in the water.


Three Jumbo 10 inch sediment filters followed
by UV treatment.

From Only $ 1470.00*

* DIY Kit


UV Option 3



In this system we use three Jumbo 10 inch filter housings.


The first filter is a 20 micron pre filter to remove large dirt and sediment.


The second filter is a Carbon filter that removes dissolved organics which cause colouration and adversely affect the taste.


The third filter is a 1 micron filter to remove fine sediment, chemicals, rust, algae, pollen, as well as Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.


An Ultra Violet light system is included to kill any bacteria in the water.


System consists of:


Three Big White 10" Jumbo Housings
20 Micron Pleated Cartridge - Removes Dirt & Sediment
1 Micron Polyspun Cartridge - Provides High Quality Water Purification
Big Carbon Filter Cartridge - Reduces organics to improve taste and clarity
Greenway GAUV10S UV Sterilizer - Kill Bacteria & Micro Organisms @110 litres p/min

Individual System Components Standard Price
3 x Big White 10" Jumbo Housings $   597.00
20 Micron Pleated Cartridge $    45.00
1 Micron Polyspun Cartridge $    35.00
Carbon Cartridge $   110.00
Greenway GAUV10S UV Sterilizer $   899.00
Total $ 1686.00 + Installation and fittings


Special Promotional Package
Includes 3 Jumbo Housings and 3 Cartridges (as above)
Special Price
With Greenway GAUV10S UV  (110 litres per minute) $ 1470.00 + Installation and fittings



DIY Price does not include the cost of Installation
Installed prices are those of Wellington Water Filters and Kapiti Pure Water
We can recommend an installer in your local region, but any installation prices listed on this website will not apply
Prices include GST

Greenway GAUV10S UV Sterilizer with Three Filters

Price: $ 1470.00
Do It Yourself Kit... Price Excludes Installation

DIY KIT Contains:

1 x Greenway GAUV-10S (110 LPM) Ultra Violet
3 x 10BWH - 10" Big White Jumbo Housings
1 x 10BPF20 - 10" Big Polypleated Filter 20µ
1 x 10BGAC - 10" Big Carbon Filter
1 x 10BPX01 - 10" Big Polyspun Filter 1µ
1 x MBLSS - Large Stainless Steel Bracket & Screws
1 x MBLSS - Twin Large Stainless Steel Bracket & Screws
1 x BWH/SP Spanner
1 x Surge Protector


As the plumbing in houses is highly variable, the DIY kit may not include all the fittings that are needed to connect the system into your existing plumbing. You may need to purchase additional fittings from your local Plumbing Supply store.


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We install and maintain Water Purification Systems throughout Wellington,
Kapiti and Horowhenua.


We can also arrange installation in most other areas if required.

We deliver our products anywhere in New Zealand via Courier.


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