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Shower Filters


Remove Harmful Chemicals From Your Shower Water


AquaPro Domestic
Shower Filter



This Pure Bath shower filter includes Magnetic
wave for an Energized Shower Experience!


Creates a softer feel and improves lathering.


Designed with performance in mind and features
a multi-stage filtering process.


Shower Filtration System: $ 98.00

Replacement Filter: $ 75.00
Prices Include GST and Nationwide Delivery







Using a Water Filter for showers or baths has HUGE benefits.


The skin is your bodies largest organ. It absorbs harmful
chemicals, especially when immersed in water and when hot.


This is why taking long showers is actually regarded as a
health risk!


When you shower in hot water you also breathe in a lot
of chlorine vapour (a poison gas). Up to 50% of our
exposure to this harmful chemical happens in the shower!


Showering in chemical treated water also destroys your
hair and aggravates skin and eyes.


• KDF - Heavy Metals removal plus Bacteria control
• Calcium Sulfite - Chlorine removal
• Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet - Softens Water
• Activated Ceramic Ball - Energizes and Oxygenates
• Carbon - Bad taste & Odour removal
• High Flow Sediment Filtration - Removes Impurities



• 1/2" In/Out Ports fits all standard shower connections.
   Ideal for use with Adjustable showers using a flexi hose.


• Up to 45,000 litres water use or approximately 6 month Life


• Improved sudsing and lathering

   10 Benefits of Using a Shower Filter:


  1. Using a shower filter is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce
    harmful exposure to chlorine and other chemicals.

  2. Showering in filtered water results in greater respiratory health by reducing
    the risk of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation.

  3. Showering in chlorine-free, filtered water decreases the risks of cell damage,
    heart disease, hardening of arteries, respiratory complications, complications
    with asthma and bronchitis, and bladder and breast cancer.

  4. Children, who are particularly at risk of the harmful effects of chlorine inhalation,
    benefit especially from the removal of chlorine from showering water.

  5. As chlorine is a leading cause of fatigue, showering in filtered, chlorine free
    water results in higher energy levels and overall greater health.

  6. Removing chlorine from showering water results in better air quality throughout
    the house.

  7. Without the drying effects of chlorine, skin becomes softer, healthier, and
    younger looking.

  8. Removing chlorine from showering water reduces the presence of skin rashes
    and the appearance of wrinkles.

  9. Because the hair is able to preserve its natural moisturizing oils, it becomes
    softer and healthier when chlorine is removed from showering water.

  10. When the body is able to retain its natural moisturizers, the need for costly
    lotions and moisturizers is greatly reduced.

AquaPro Domestic Shower Filter System

$ 98.00
Including GST and Nationwide Delivery


Kit Contains:
1 AquaPro Shower Filter
1 Flexi-Hose Connector *


  AquaPro System

* New systems require the Flexi-Hose connector to attach the filter to the wall elbow


AquaPro Shower Filter

$ 75.00
Including GST and Nationwide Delivery


Kit Contains:
1 AquaPro Shower Filter


  AquaPro Filter



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