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UV Treatment Systems


Kill Bacteria And Micro Organisms In Your Drinking Water



Complete UV Systems



About Ultra Violet Systems


These are UV Units only.


UV FilterUltra Violet ( UV ) light treatment systems offer simple, safe, and effective disinfection of water. It is now becoming the treatment option of choice because just like sunlight, it destroys all microbial contaminants, including E Coli, without adding any residual by products to the water.


Systems can range in size from small ‘under the kitchen sink’ units which will sterilize up to 8 litres per minute, up to larger systems of over 200 litres per minute. They are an economical option with low maintenance compared to ceramic filters or chemical treatment of the water. They require a 240 volt power source to operate but use only between 14 and 40 watts depending on the size of the system, so even the largest domestic system uses only $88.00 per year to run (@ 24 cents per KWH).


Because Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts are not usually destroyed by UV light, and to maintain clear water flowing past the UV bulb, pre filtration of sediment down to one micron is usually required to be installed prior to the UV chamber, (although our larger domestic & commercial systems will kill these at up to 38 litres per minute flow).


The UV bulbs do reduce their effective output over time and should be replaced every 12 months.


All units have an audible alarm attached to all the systems so that you are alerted should a bulb fail to operate. Commercial models with UV output monitors can also activate other warning systems or even shut off the water flow to prevent contamination with untreated water.



Greenway UV Systems


Greenway UV systems are designed with compact, high-grade stainless steel chambers which house our efficient, colour- coded UV lamps.


Separate electronic controllers (ballasts), power the UV lamps and effectively control the system diagnostics.
The single ended lamp design promotes user-friendly, easy lamp changes and simple periodic quartz sleeve cleaning.


Proudly made in Canada




•  99.99% destruction of bacteria (such as Ecoli), viruses and protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia).

•  No chemicals added to water and no water chemistry changes.

•  Lamp failure alarm and lamp replacement reminder with 7 segment LED countdown display.

•  Low maintenance and easy servicing.

•  Hard glass, long life UV lamp for consistent maximum UV output over entire lamp life.

•  Compact design for reduced footprint and improved disinfection.

•  Range of sizes to meet flow rate requirements.

•  Electronic controller with universal AC input, constant lamp current and low power consumption.

•  Combination 3/4" – 1.0" NPT inlet/outlet ports for easy installation.

•  Third party bioassay tested.

•  New Greenway VuCap on every system allows visual confirmation the lamp is working.


UV Chamber Only - No Filters
(Domestic systems only. For commercial properties please Contact Us for other models)


UV Units Only Maximum Flow Power Price
Incl GST
Greenway GAUV-1S-2A 9.5 litres per minute 14 watts $ 415.00
Greenway GAUV 5S 25 litres per minute 25 watts $ 690.00
Greenway GAUV10S 110 litres per minute 40 watts $ 899.00


info The systems include a seven year warranty on the UV chamber




Complete UV Systems


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