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  Medium Size House


20" Jumbo Filter Housings

Economical Medium-Sized House
Water Purification Systems

Various Filter Cartridges are available
to suit your own purification needs


Remove or Reduce:

Coarse Material - Dirt - Sediment
Bad Taste & Odour - Chemicals - Pesticides
Herbicides - PCB's from plastic pipes
Chloroforms - Rust - Algae - Heavy Metals
Giardia & Cryptosporidium Cysts (optional)








Medium House Setup
Medium Size House Set up with
20" & 10" Jumbo Casings



Big White Jumbo 20 inch Housing and CTO Cartridge:

Housing Height: 630mm
Housing Width: 190mm
Max Flow: 20 litres / Minute
Cartridge Life: 265,000 litres (Approx)
Big White Jumbo Housing: $ 295.00  
Matrikx 20" Jumbo CTO Cartridge: $ 220.00  
Total: $ 515.00  
Or With 1 micron pre filter & 10" Jumbo casing:
(as pictured)
$ 769.00  

1. If the water source is suspected to carry much physical dirt or sediment, it is recommended to install a pre filter prior to the carbon cartridge (as shown above) to enhance the life of the carbon cartridge. Otherwise dirt may clog the cartridge before the media has been used completely.


2. The pressure loss through the filter at normal flow rates is usually less than 5 PSI (35 KPA) so most households will not notice any significant pressure reduction until the pre-filter cartridge blocks up.


3. Cartridges like that shown in the medium house option will generally last around 20 to 24 months, depending on the amount of use and quality of the source water.


4. Cartridges are replaced when either bad taste and odour is noted or the water flow slows down due to the cartridge blocking up with sediment.

Note: Maximum flow rate refers to the maximum recommended speed through the filter for the water to be purified well. It does NOT mean the water is physically restricted to this speed.

We install and maintain Water Purification Systems throughout Wellington,
Kapiti and Horowhenua.


We can also arrange installation in most other areas if required.

We deliver our products anywhere in New Zealand via Courier.


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Phone:   (04) 904 7873
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