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Water Coolers


If You're After Refreshing Chilled Purified Water On Tap...
We Supply the Best Water Coolers in Quality and Reliability



StarRent or Purchase a Reliable Water Cooler for your Home or Office
StarChoose either a Refillable Bottle or Mains Plumbed




Bottle Top Coolers


From Only $ 25.00 per month *


Including a Bench Top Purifier
to refill your bottle with purified water




Small Bottled Cooler    Large Bottled Cooler     Bottled Cooler Dark

Mains Plumbed Coolers


From Only $ 25.00 per month *


Hassle Free water on tap
Never fill a bottle again!




Small Mains Plumbed    Large mains Plumbed     

  *  Based on a two year contract  

View the Glacier Cooler PDF Brochure





Under Sink Chillers


Only $ 890.00 or
Only $ 1,095.00 with Purifier,
Tap and Fittings


Cool purified water direct from a
separate drinking tap on your bench





From Only $ 1750.00


Ideal for gyms and public facilities

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Water Cooler Pricing


There are many brands and models of Coolers available, but we have found the below models to be the best value in reliability and operation.


The table top and free standing Coolers use a 15 litre plastic bottle which needs to be filled and placed on top of the Cooler. As part of the rental price we supply a Water Purifier for you to refill your bottles as required yourself.


The mains plumbed Coolers are easier to operate as they do not require a bottle and cool purified water is on demand.


All models come with two taps, providing an option of 'cool and cold' or 'hot and cold' water. All models have easy control of temperature to suit your personal preferences.





Rental Option


The rental price includes the use of a high quality Water Purifier and regular sanitation of the Cooler and bottle.


Rentals must be for a minimum 12 month period and are payable either quarterly in advance or by monthly automatic Bank payment.


The Rental Prices are as follows:


Cooler Type Tap Temperature Monthly Rental
1. Pre-Loved Coolers As available $ 25.00
2. Std Bench Top Cooler with bottle Cool / Cold Taps $ 35.00
3. Std Free Standing with bottle Cool / Cold Taps $ 35.00
4. Executive Free Standing Cool / Cold Taps $ 39.00
5. Executive Free Standing Hot / Cold Taps $ 45.00
6. Bench Top Mains Plumbed info Cool / Cold Taps $ 45.00
7. Free Standing Mains Plumbed info Cool / Cold Taps $ 45.00
8. Free Standing Mains Plumbed info Hot / Cold Taps $ 45.00


       All Prices Exclude GST

info There is usually an additional cost of installing plumbed in systems.  Please ask for a quote.





Purchase Option


Cooler Type Tap Temperature Cooler Only With Water Purifier
1. Bottle Cooler- Table Top Size Cool / Cold Taps $ 550.00 $    699.00
2. Bottle Cooler- Free Standing Cool / Cold Taps $ 550.00 $    699.00
3. Bottle Cooler- Free Standing Hot / Cold Taps $ 595.00 $    745.00
4. Executive Cool / Cold Taps $ 699.00 $    850.00
5. Executive Hot / Cold Taps $ 749.00 $    899.00
6. Mains Plumbed Bench Top Cool / Cold Taps N/A $    750.00 info
7. Mains Plumbed Free Standing Cool / Cold Taps N/A $    750.00 info
8. Mains Plumbed Free Standing Hot / Cold Taps N/A $    795.00 info
9. Under Bench Cooler Cold Bench Top Tap $ 890.00 $  1095.00 info


       All Prices Exclude GST

info Excludes Installation


Under bench Cooler installations require adequate ventilation for the Cooler unit and a standard three pin power supply. Please ask for a quote to suit your situation.





Water Delivery Service


Where you prefer not to manually refill your Cooler bottle, we recommend the installation of a mains plumbed Water Cooler, thus saving your staff the hassle and strain of lifting water bottles.


We can also deliver high quality 'Reverse Osmosis' purified water for only $ 12.00 + GST per 15 litre bottle. Our Reverse Osmosis Purifier provides the purest water possible for your convenience and pleasure.





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