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Water Distillers


 Experience the Taste and Benefits of Pure Clear Distilled Water






Our Top Selling Water Distiller
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tick   Internal Stainless Steel boiling chamber
tick   Stylish Stainless Steel outer body
tick   Automatic shut off
tick   Optional post carbon filtration
tick   Proven reliability
tick   Thousands in use throughout NZ
tick   Full warranty and back up of spare parts


Only $ 340.00
Plus Delivery


  Stainless Steel Water Distiller
Click to enlargeStainless Steel



Available in either attractive Cream or Stainless Steel,  the MegaHome Distiller is
the ideal Bench Top Water Distiller for both home or small business use.


It will process 4 litres in 5-6 hours depending on the temperature of the water at
start up. 


It has a stainless steel boiling chamber and uses the common "Tower" design to provide simple, no fuss operation.


MegaHome Corporation is a large well respected company internationally, and the MegaHome Distiller is a high quality product.  We have now supplied these models for
8 years,  and have many in use in commercial applications which are being run almost continuously.


Some companies have re-branded the model to their own name because of their inherent reliability (eg Spring Flow), and there are now literally thousands in use throughout NZ.


Every Megahome Water Distiller comes complete with the following accessories:

One 4 litre Polycarbonate Collection Bottle
One Reservoir Protective Cover
One Can of Stainless Steel Cleaner
Six Packs of Activated Charcoal
One Power Cable

Size: 20cm (Diameter) X 36cm (Height)
Width: 40cm (inc. Collection Bottle)
Power Consumption: 580W (Total)
Weight: 3.5Kg
Capacity: 4 litres per cycle




• Distillation
- Each drop of water produced is pure.  Taste the difference!   Experience the benefits!
• Attractive Modern Design - Small and exquisite.  Easy handling.  Stylish.
• 4 litre Stainless Steel Inner Boiling Chamber - Strong and durable.  Easy cleaning.
• High Rotation Motor - Quick cooling.  Works 24 hours a day.
• Heater - Formed in one piece for a longer service life.
• Temperature Control Switch - High precision temperature control with an automatic cut-off feature.
• Automatic switch off at the end of the Distillation process - Allows unattended distillation.
• Less Parts - Saves unnecessary cost and provides greater reliability.
• Activated Carbon Filter Layer - Removes any residual chemicals and improves the taste.
• No Installation Required - Just plug it in!
• Produces 4 litres every 5 to 6 hours ( depending on temperature of the water at start up.)
• Only 580 watts Power use ( Approx 60 cents per 4 litres to operate).
• Quiet Operation.
• Conforms to NZ Electrical Standards.
• Stylish Stainless Steel Outer Body.
• Internal Construction all Stainless Steel - Water does not contact plastic components within the distiller.

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Stainless Steel

 Stainless Steel



Only $340.00
Plus Delivery


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We install and maintain Water Purification Systems throughout Wellington,
Kapiti and Horowhenua.


We can also arrange installation in most other areas if required.

We deliver our products anywhere in New Zealand via Courier.


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