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RM Series Water Fountain


Ideal for gyms and public facilities





RUST PROOF CABINET: The RM Series water cooler cabinets are made of rota-moulded, pigmented polyethylene. This U.V. stabilised material provides an external cabinet which is durable, modern and 100% rust proof.


SERVICE ACCESS: The front access panel is secured with four (4) concealed screws. Removal of this panel provides access for any purpose including service, maintenance and filter replacement.


VANDAL RESISTANCE: The top and basin on the RM Series is a single piece, (not numerous parts screwed together). This, combined with the internally fitted drain grill and the robust nature of polyethylene, provides unequalled vandal resistance.





FILTRATION: The internal, in-line filter will reduce sediment, chemicals, organic compounds and impurities which can adversely affect the quality and taste of your drinking water. Periodic filter replacement is easily achieved through the front panel.


TWO WAY GLASS FILLER: When fitted to the standard, (bubbler only) unit, the 2 way glass filler allows one touch activation for precise pouring or hands free for continuous flow.


CABINET COLOURS: Apart from the standard "granite" colour and the examples overleaf, the RM Series water coolers are also available in a myriad of other colour options. There is also the option of mixing the colours of the front panel and the cabinet to display corporate or sporting teams colours.





ELECTRICAL: A 1.5 metre cordset with standard 3 pin plug is provided. The RM Series of water coolers do not have any specialised power requirements and can be plugged into any standard 240V 1PH 50Hz power point.


WATER INLET: The inlet is an industry standard 1/2" female BSP threaded connection situated on the rear of the cooler, (see installation instructions for exact rough in details).


DRAIN OUTLET: The drain outlet and integrated "P" trap provide an industry standard 40mm connection situated on the rear of the cooler. (see installation instructions for exact rough in details).


RM Series Water Fountain











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Phone:   (04) 904 7873
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Fax:   (04) 902 7875
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