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Iron Removal


Removal of Iron from Water Supplies



Fibreglass TankIron and Manganese are a common problem with water bore supplies.


Along with brown staining of baths, washing machines, toilets and other items in contact with the water, the iron produces a foul taste when the water is consumed.


Removal is possible but the method chosen will depend on a combination of factors such as dissolved solids, alkalinity, hardness, free carbon dioxide and of course the level of dissolved iron and / or manganese.


Each method ( except for ion exchange) requires oxidation of the iron and manganese to form a precipitated solid form of iron which can then be removed by the filter media. All filter systems use a fibreglass tank similar to the one in the picture to hold the iron removal media.


Before a recommendation can be made, a comprehensive water test should be done to determine the water quality parameters involved.
We can arrange this for you if you do not already have test results available.


Prices start around $1500 and can move up to over $5000 to install, depending on the level of iron and manganese present. It should be noted that iron levels in bore water do tend to change with seasons and years.


Because of the seasonal / yearly variation of iron present in the water supply, systems should be expected to reduce the iron levels to "acceptable" levels, rather than completely remove all the iron.


Often it is advisable to install a carbon filter in the kitchen to polish the supply and remove any residual iron and therefore improve the flavour of the drinking and cooking water, as well as install a system to the whole house supply.




The following methods are available to remove Iron and/or Manganese from water:




Pyrolox Filtration: 

Oxidised iron is removed by the Pyrolox media which is automatically backwashed clean on a daily basis. The Pyrolox media is long lasting and economical to maintain.


Ion Exchange Resin:

Also known as a water softener, the system exchanges sodium ions for the iron ions.
This is only suitable where comparatively low levels of iron are present and may not be suitable for people with low sodium diets.



Used where there is considerable manganese present.



Ideal where there are very high levels of iron present.





After a Water Analysis has been taken, the correct method to remove or reduce iron can be determined.


Please Contact Us for further details on an Iron Removal system for your particular situation.