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Water Purifiers


Water Purifiers Produce A Naturally Fresh Taste Directly From Your Tap...
Whenever You Want It.





Bench Top Water Purifiers


Bench Top Water Purifiers offer the benefit of portability, and are great when renting a house
or you're not able to add an additional tap to the
kitchen bench.


Bench Top Purifiers are either connected to the
existing tap with a push on Rubber Adapter, or
can be installed semi permanently using a Diverter
Valve which provides a simple and effective method
to use the Purifier.




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  Bench Top Water Purifier



Under Bench Water Purifiers


Under Bench Purifiers are the no-fuss solution.


They're more popular than Bench Top models as
they remove clutter from the kitchen bench.


Under Bench systems come with your choice of
Designer Tap which is installed permanently into
your bench beside the kitchen sink.


Just turn the tap for instant purified water.




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  Under Bench Water Purifier



In-Line Water Purifiers


When you don't want a second tap on the bench top,
it is often possible to install a Purifier directly into
the cold water line feeding your current tap.


Modern kitchen taps using a flexible braided hose
make installation of these systems relatively simple.


Great for Island benches and reducing clutter in
the bench.




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  In Line Under Bench Water Purifier



yes   We have an Excellent Range at Great Prices.

yes   Our Water Purifiers will not remove Beneficial Minerals from your drinking water.

yes   Water Purifiers are Economical & Hassle Free... Better than buying bottled water!

yes  There are many models available ... Please Contact Us if you have specific requirements.