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Reverse Osmosis Systems



StarReverse Osmosis is the finest filtration known
StarRemoves particles as small as ions from your water
StarRemoves Fluoride from your drinking water
StarWe can build a Reverse Osmosis System to suit your individual needs



  Merlin Reverse Osmosis System5 Star



The Ultimate Reverse
Osmosis System


This high production unit provides
1.7 litres per minute of pure water
as required with NO storage tank.


That's 50 times the output of
standard Reverse Osmosis systems!





  5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System4 and a half Star



Rural and Dirty Water
Reverse Osmosis System


5 Stage Systems come with an
additional Pre-Filter.


This additional Pre-Filter helps assure a
complete removal of any contaminants.


Ideal for Rural areas, and those on a
Town Water supply where the water
contains dissolved sediment.



  5 Stage R/O System


  4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System4 Star



Our Most Popular
Reverse Osmosis System


4 Stage Systems come with one
fabric based Pre-Filter.


They are ideal where the incoming
water is clear of dirt and sediment.


They are mainly suited for a good
quality Town Water supply.



  4 Stage R/O System



  Compact Portable Reverse Osmosis Systems3 and a half Star



Cost Effective & Portable
Reverse Osmosis


Ideal for people that are renting,
or for those with limited space.


As these systems don't have a storage
tank or tap system, the price is more
favourable for those on a tight budget.




Compact 3 Stage Portable



  Reverse Osmosis Information


Not only are Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems very efficient at removing a wide range of chemicals, heavy metals, and bad taste / odour, but they will also remove fluoride, and all other dissolved solids from the water which normal Water Purifiers will not remove. 


Dissolved solids are minerals and salts which are dissolved into the water. The main ones being calcium from lime added to the water along with fluoride which is added to some water supplies to strengthen teeth.


Typically the water in the Wellington region contains around 135 parts per million ( PPM ) of dissolved solids. After passing a standard carbon based Water Purifier the Total Dissolved Solids ( TDS ) reading will not have changed. After passing a Reverse Osmosis membrane the reading will drop to around 5 PPM.


The texture of the water has a slightly smoother, silky feel to it compared with non R/O water. In contrast to distilled water, which is often referred to as 'dead water', Reverse Osmosis water retains oxygen and has a sweeter, more pleasant taste.


Depending on the situation, the RO system may be either a three, four or five stage system. The first two or three stages involve a series of pre-filters to remove dirt and sediment. The middle stage involves a semi-permeable membrane which allows only pure water to pass through, while contaminants are washed away as waste water. The pure water is then usually stored in a stainless steel container under pressure, until required. By turning on the separate bench top tap, water is then taken from the storage container, and the RO system is automatically reactivated to make more pure water to replace that which has been taken.

We can set up a Reverse Osmosis system to suit any situation. We use only the world's most famous brands of membranes to provide reliable, efficient service. All plumbed in systems utilise an automatic shut off valve to stop water production once the storage tank is full, and automatically restart the purification process as water is consumed. All contaminants removed by the membrane are automatically flushed down the drain, thus preserving the membrane from clogging. Depending on the situation, we can design the system with either a CTA or TFC membrane type.


Typically a moderate water pressure of at least 40 PSI ( 280 KPA ) is required for an RO system to work well. Low pressure gravity feed supplies are not suitable.


Although they may seem bulky in size, the components may be separated to fit into most cupboards without taking up too much space. The storage tank can be placed some distance from the purifier unit and is usually placed in a corner cupboard or under the floor.


There is now also a new type of RO system which will produce around 1.7 litres per minute of pure water. The Merlin system by 'GE' has slightly larger filters, but has the advantage that water will always be available and no storage tank is required. Refer to our Downloadable Files for a copy of the brochure.

Because the R/O membrane is slow to produce pure water ( between 3 to 6 litres per hour ) the system is normally installed under the sink and is linked to a storage tank ( usually around 12 litres capacity ), which holds the pure water until required.


This water is accessed by simply turning on your dispensing tap as the water is required. The system automatically refills the tank as water is used. The storage tank is not an absolute requirement however and bench top systems can be designed to connect to either a kitchen tap or in line with a washing machine tap. In this situation a flexible feed tube is placed into a jug or container of the clients choice and the system is manually turned on and off as required.

Pre filters ( the filters prior to the membrane ) are usually replaced or cleaned every 6 - 24 months depending on the quality of the feed water and amount of use, while the post filters ( the filters after the membrane ) are usually replaced every 2 - 3 years, making R/O systems very economical to maintain. The membrane itself will normally need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years.



Please Note


It is not recommended to use Reverse Osmosis for the purpose of removing bacteria.
There are better options available such as Ultra Violet Sterilizers for example.


For further details on a Reverse Osmosis setup for your particular situation
Please Contact Us.

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