D- 10 Jumbo KDF / GAC

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A common cartridge to use in a small to Medium sized Whole House water Purifier system such as marketed by several brands such as HRV, PureFlow, etc. 

GAC ( Granulated Activated carbon to remove Chlorine, Chemicals, VOC's taste and odour as well as KDF ( Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) to reduce metals such as lead as well as improve removal of Chlorine.

Normally used in conjuction with a pre sediment filter cartridge to remove dirt and sediment before the active GAC / KDF cartridge

Fits all 10 inch Jumbo / Big blue and white casings. 


4.5 x 10 inch ( 112 x 250 mm ) size fits all 10 inch Jumbo / Big blue and white casings.