FC240S / MC011S

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The 10FC240S Cartridge  has now been deleted from manufacture and is now replaced by the MC011 cartridge. They are both great cartridges for chemical and taste removal in areas with low water pressure, Especially good for rural water supplies, low pressure gravity feed water and water supplies with a low chemical load.

Silver bonded material provides a barrier to bacterial growth within the cartridge so maintains a more hygenic environment with rural water suppies compared to cartridges without silver added. 

Cartridge Code                  FC 240S / MC011-S

Micron rating                     1 micron  ( 1.0u)

Rated Chlorine Capacity Up to 2,000 litres

THM removal                    NA

Replacement cartridge     $ 65.00 every 6 to 12 months

Removes or reduces         Chlorine, Chemicals, dirt, sediment, rust, algae, bad taste & odour and Giardia.


Fits all standard 10 inch filter casings