2- UB Ceramic

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. The Doulton Super Sterasyl Ceramic  combines activated carbon for the removal of chemicals with a 0.2 micron nominal  ( absolute 0.4 micron )  ceramic cartridge which is so fine bacteria will not pass through it. 

The use of a sediment pre filter is often recommended to enhance the life of the ceramic filter.

A minimum of 40 PSI ( 280 KPA ) water pressure is required to allow the water to pass through the cartridge well, so will not work well with low pressure  gravity feed systems. Any pump fed water supply will be OK.


 Since the ceramic filter is very fine it is liable to blocking with sediment and dirt. When the flow slows down, remove the cartridge from the filter casing and using a wire brush, scraper or piece of sandpaper, remove the outer layer of the cartridge. Only a thin scaping is required to expose a fresh part of the cartridge. Rinse the loose ceramic material away and replace the cartridge into the casing for continued use. This procedure can be redone several times until you wear through the cartridge.

If this procedure is required often or there is known sediment problem with the water supply, a sediment pre filter is recommended to reduce the frequency of cleaning required.