Matrikx CTO

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Good quality cartridge from a reputable American company KX Industries. Carbon block cartridge with 5 micron filtration – wont slow the water flow down as much as 1 micron  cartridges so good for low water pressure areas and use in whole house situations 

Now with 'Green Block' Tecnology inceases performance and dirt holding capacity without restricting water flow as much as other similar cartridges.

Better than GAC cartridges because being a solid 'block' style will not allow chaneling of water and also more hygenic as it is not as likely to allow bacteria to breed inside the cartridge.  A very good budget priced cartridge and great for low water pressure situations.

Cartridge Code                   CTO

Micron rating                        5 micron  ( 5.0u)

Rated Chlorine Capacity   Up to 20,000 litres

Replacement cartridge      every 12 to 18 months

Removes or reduces            Chlorine, Chemicals, dirt, sediment, rust, algae, bad taste & odour