3- Small Commercial -Pentair Evolution

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The Pentair Evolution system is the replacement for the Merlin system and is the entry point of small commercial systems where large amounts of water mean a storage tank is inconvenient.  The system produces up to 1.6 litres per minute continuous flow  ( at 600 kpa).

Ideal for small commercial applications and laboratories where constant water flow is required. 

(Measures 507 mm long ( or high)  x 270 mm diameter).

 System consists of three main stages, a pre sediment and carbon cartridge and two TFC membranes.

It is recommended to add sediment and carbon filtration before the system to improve overall performance.  If not already in place, please contact us to explain your requirements and water source for us to be able to quote on a suitable set up.   Ph 0800 115 516 and talk with Alastair