BT Fluoride Twin AAL + CBC

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Using standard filter housings, we install two purifier cartridges. The first uses a material called Actival, a fluoride specific media for the sole purpose of removing the fluoride. The second housing contains a CBC cartridge with Activated Carbon to remove all chemicals and bad taste and odour from the water supply. Fluoride is removed for around 3000 litres.

Having the twin filters provides better fluoride removal than the single AF10 cartridge system and allows higher water flows, although for maximum fluoride removal we recommend a flow of around 2 litres poer miute as ideal.

We also have the FluroMax Ex cartridge system availble, but have found the Actival cartridge to be a superior performer.  Refer to our other listing if interested. 

System come standard with the chrome diverter valve that screws on to most kitchen mixer taps. This allows easy operation by moving a lever sideways to “divert” the water from the tap through the purifier. Simply turn the lever downwards to send the unfiltered water into the sink for washing dishes etc.

Two universal rubber push on bulbs are available where there is no tap thread, such as the older style separate hot and cold taps from the 1950s to 1970s.  The large UR bulb has an expanding  mouth of 15 to over 20 mm and  fits most taps, but being a larger mouth, needs to be held onto the tap when in use.

The smaller rubber bulb fits taps up to 18 mm diametre and has a series of ribs to hold onto the tap, so has a firmer fit.  Please check the options when ordering.


Height 330 mm

Width 270 mm

Depth 150 mm 

Recommended flow rate 2 to 3 litres per minute

Replacement cartridges

Fluoride cartridge rated to Btw 3000 and 4000 litres use  $95.00

Chemical cartridge rated to 4000 litres use for full chemical removal. $70.00