6- Waterworks B19 Stainless

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The Waterworks® 19 Series is the latest in a series of water coolers renowned for reliability, longevity and value for money. The classy cabinet will complement the most stylish office or enhance any home décor.


Cold  Outlet water 9°C approx.

Hot Tap Outlet water 85°C approx.


COLD WATER DELIVERY: 4 litres per hour cold water at room temperature of 21 degrees 

HOT WATER DELIVERY: 15 x 170ml cups per hour 


CABINET: High gloss cabinet. Front and top ABS plastic. Side panels are high polymer coated steel / pre coated metal.

FAUCETS: Soft closing front push style taps and easy to operate. Child resistant hot taps on hot / cold models.

DRIP TRAY: Durable ABS plastic, easy clean.

HOT WATER TANK: Stainless steel. Efficient internal heating element. Nonadjustable thermostat with manual reset safety limiter. Convenient hot water on/off switch.

COLD WATER COOLING RESERVOIR: Hygienic stainless steel 2.5L chilling tank with contaminant seal. Adjustable thermostat with easy access from the back of the unit.

REFRIGERATION: Convection cooled condenser. Hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. Refrigerant type R134A


Remaining stock has slight marks in the front panels which are visible in certain light angles. Nothing serious but ask for details of remaining stock available if concerned.