AAL Actival for Fluoride Removal

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Actival is a fluoride specific media for the sole purpose of removing the fluoride althogh it is also effective at reducing Arsenic from water. It is generally used along with a second filter casing containg an Activated Carbon cartridge  to remove all chemicals and bad taste and odour from the water supply.

Rated to 95 % Fluoride ireduction for around 3000 litres at 2 litres per minute flow.                                                  


245 x 70 mm fits all standard kitchen filter casings

Max Recommended flow is 2 litres per minute

Best with water in a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5. Not as effective on alkaline water. 

Rated to 4000 litres on A grade supplys or 3000 litres on B grade water. 

The use of a pre sediment cartridge on known dirty water is advisable and a post carbon filter is required to 

remove chemicals and chlorine