Waterworks D19CH Hot and Cold Stainless

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The Waterworks® 19 Series is the latest in a series of water coolers renowned for reliability, longevity and value for money. The classy cabinet will complement the most stylish office or enhance any home décor.


Cold  Outlet water 9°C approx.

Hot Tap Outlet water 85°C approx.


COLD WATER DELIVERY: 4 litres per hour cold water at room temperature of 21 degrees 

HOT WATER DELIVERY: 15 x 170ml cups per hour 


CABINET: High gloss cabinet. Front and top ABS plastic. Side panels are high polymer coated steel / pre coated metal.

FAUCETS: Soft closing front push style taps and easy to operate. Child resistant hot taps on hot / cold models.

DRIP TRAY: Durable ABS plastic, easy clean.

HOT WATER TANK: Stainless steel. Efficient internal heating element. Nonadjustable thermostat with manual reset safety limiter. Convenient hot water on/off switch.

COLD WATER COOLING RESERVOIR: Hygienic stainless steel 2.5L chilling tank with contaminant seal. Adjustable thermostat with easy access from the back of the unit.

REFRIGERATION: Convection cooled condenser. Hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. Refrigerant type R134A