2b- Triple Filter 10" Whole House System- Optional UV

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The AquaTech 3 stage filtration system is the ultimate Compact Whole House Filtration System. NSF certified filter casings and cartridge media and fitted with oil filled pressure gauges to show when filter need replacing.  Comes standard with an attractive rust proof ABS cover to keep it all neat and tidy.

The three stage filter system removes all sediment down to a tiny one micron and an Activated Carbon chemical removal cartridge.

Options also available to replace the third cartridge with another media such as a water neutralizer media to give alkaline water

Now you can have the best water purifier system to remove contaminants from your house hold supply giving you clean, chemical free water to your kitchen, bathroom taps, shower and bath.

Includes oil filled pressure gauges to show if a filter is needing replacement and ABS plastic cover to make it look great. 

Suitable for medium sized homes with up to 2 bathrooms / showers

1st  Stage 

Polyester Pleated sediment cartridge to remove dirt and sediment down to 20 microns

2nd Stage               

Polyester spun sediment cartridge to remove dirt and sediment down to one micron.

3rd Stage            

Activated Carbon cartridge to remove chemicals, organics, soot, taste and odour not already removed by the previous stages.

  Optional extras  / Changes to layout 

  • Add Ultra Violet light system to destroy Bacteria
  • Replace the carbon filter with a water neutralizer to provide more alkaline water Add $20.00

 Wall Bracket Options

The standard bracket is a high quality powder coated steel bracket. For general purposes this is suitable but if it is to be installed in an outdoor  marine environment or known damp situation, we can upgrade to a rust free powder coated aluminium bracket.

(A 20 inch version is also available. Refer to the large home section)



Standard 10 Inch system

Height  550 mm

Width  620 mm

Depth  230 mm

Weight  23 kg

Max pressure 600 kpa