2- Laundry based Portable Systems

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RO systems add water pressure to tap fittings and so damage modern kitchen swivel tap seals. The solution for people who cannot make a hole in the kitchen sink for a tap and usual under sink installation is a portable system connected in the laundry to the washing machine tap.

Instead of using a permanent storage tank, the user places a container under the outlet pipe to collect the purified water. Because they not have a storage tank or tap system, the price is also more favourable to those people on a tight budget.

Installation is normally in the laundry, but they can also be connected to a standard garden tap if preferred.

Note the flow of pure water from RO systems is between 3 to 6 litres per hour depending on water pressure.

We can make compact systems using sealed cartridges, but the one pictured will outperform these. Let us know if you need something designed to suit your needs.

The system pictured is a standard 3 stage system compromising a sediment cartridge, a carbon cartridge and a TFC membrane.  This will provide pure water for drinking and cooking.

Additional cartridges can be added such as deionizers for fish tank water or laboratories,  re-mineralising cartridges or cartridges to mineralise and alkalize the water.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.



The standard system consists of the following;

  1. Five micron Sediment removal cartridge
  2. 'CTO' Chlorine and chemical removal cartridge
  3. Filmtec TFC membrane 
  4. Washing Machine tap Tee connector with on / off valve for RO system.
  5. Blue or black tube for waste water
  6. White tube for pure water 

Options for other connectors are in the drop down list as well as the addition of an Alka Spring mineralizing cartridge. 

If you require something not listed please call us to discuss.