Ceramic Valve for Designer Tap

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A leaky valve causes one of two problems;

  1. The tap slowly drips water into the sink from the end of the spout.
  2. it may weep water from the base of the tap handle onto the bench top.

Replacement is an easy 2 minute job with only a spanner and a phillips screw driver required. ( instructions will be supplied). 

Note that most taps looking like our designer will take the supplied valve, but check the measurements first if you did not buy from us.


Overall Length 50.60 mm

Diametre of ribbed handle shaft 7.39 mm

Diametre of spanner hex 17 mm ( to fit a spanner on to unscrew)

Diametre of valve body from O ring to rear seal 18.7 mm

Lenght of internal valve from O ring to rear seal 20 mm