Ceramic Valve for Platinum Tap

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A leaky valve causes the water to slowly drip from the end of the spout and can only be fixed by replacing the valve. 

Please note there are several manufacturers who have copied the design of the tap so if you did not buy the tap from us check your valve is the same size before ordering.

The valve will NOT fit taps from Microlene, Mitre 10 or PureZone models.  These taps do not have valves available so will need total replacement. Please refer to our replacement tap page. 



Colour - Chrome ( Not brass)

Measurements while in the tap

Length of handle shaft  9 mm

Diametre of handle shaft  9.4 mm

Diameter of valve outside the tap -

step 1 -19.6 mm

step 2 - 23.8 mm

Measurements once removed

Overall Length  45.8 mm 

Diametre of valve inside the tap 18.67 mm

Length of valve from O ring to rear seal ( inside the tap ) 17 mm